• Hi, I'm Richie from Accel World wiki. I message you here to ask about Robyn's demotion detail on Steven Universe wikia. But first, I should explain why I would message you here instead of Steven Universe wikia; it is because I don't want to alert Robyn. And the reason I want to ask about the details is that in Accel World wiki, Robyn is a bureaucrat, and all the active editors wants to demote her because she cannot be trusted, so they open a demotion thread to demote her, but the pool got tie because of Cheesestakes, Doork, Gameuser10, and 50000cal (I'm sure you recognise the first three, and as of 50000cal, he is from No Game No Life wiki), who is not even an editor in AW wiki, voted for her keeping her role; so I want to ask for Robyn's character reference so we have a better understanding of her nature. And if possible the reason Cheesestakes, Doork, and Gameuser10 persistently supporting her even if they know they are wrong.

    If you are wondering how did I find you, one of Accel World editors found [[1]] on her Pastebin (she erase the pastebin, I have provided you with the archive). Here, I figured they are talking about SU wiki because they connect to SU wiki chat, so I searched the SU wiki for len and I found you.

    Thank you for reading this, and can you please keep secret this message from Robyn for time being?

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    • Well, Robyn is prone to error, but they are able to learn from the past if you push them to do so. While they can be stubborn, they have no ill intent for what they do.

      As for those users' reasons for opposing, I cannot say for sure, but Cheeseskates and 50000cal are fellow staff members on the SU Wiki and I consider both to be quite level-headed, so I'm sure they had valid reasons. This is my perspective as an outsider of your situation though.

      Also, I would suggest creating a policy for voting in order to prevent non-editors from possibly interfering in votes, especially important ones.

      Best of luck.

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    • but they are able to learn from the past if you push them to do so.

      What do you mean by "push"? Does that mean by pressuring her? Because we have been pressuring her to step down from her role since mid-Febuary, and she is still stuborn with her position.

      Also, I have another question, what is the circustances of Robyn demotion in SU wiki? Not that I want to intervere or anything, I just want know because maybe we can learn something from that.

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